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Post  Matt3985 on Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:47 am

Here you can post anything Thomas & Friends Fan Related storys here as long as they are approperted to my standereds. Enjoy posting. Smile
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Rules for Story Posting Empty kimmys big joke wth?!

Post  TheMysteriousSisters on Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:19 am

hello i'm kimmy, kimmy the white engine, i'll be telling you a short story on how i spend my 1st day of april in sodor.

I was very grumpy and not in the mood to talk when Duck came along

Duck: hi kid ^^its such a happy sunny day isn't it, Kimmy

Kimmy: *looks down* yeah yeah (i'm not a kid)

Duck: So what are your sisters doing now?

Kimmy: they went somewhere *sigh*

Duck: and kimmy?

Kimmy: i'm kimmy..

Duck: i know kid^^ how are you?

Kimmy: *grumble* i'm going out *puffs*(grrr i said i'm not a kid!!)

Duck: gee is she okey?

Lady: sorry Duck kimmy's abit annoyed today

Duck; I understand Lady. I hope she will feel better soon.

Lady: i hope so

Duck: Everyone on Sodor feels sorry for her

Lady: whoa how did it spread there so fast?

Duck: Lady, it all started when percy saw her, and then he told Thomas all about it, then Thomas told Edward and Edward told Henry and Henry told Gordon and so on. Finally Donald told me about it and thats how I know what happend

Lady: i wonder whats with her

Duck: should we ask her?

Lady: give her sometime

Duck: Okay then

Unknown to the all the engines a massive storm was bruing out on the sea and it was no tipical storm, it was a magical storm like no other and know one knew what was coming. Salty and Percy where at Brendom Duck

Salty: Arh, I sence something in aproching from the sea matey

Percy looked out.

Percy: Uh Salty, there is now storm clouds nor any rain I see out there

Salty: Arh, maybe thar would be Percy, but you many never know whats out there

Soon the Fat Controller arrived

TFC: Ah there you are now Salty, I got a speical job for you.

Salty looked worried but was pleased: Well blow me down, what is it.

TFC: You must go and fetch Duck and Lady and have them help you bring in the 100 truck loads of fresh fish from the small fishing village on the other side of the Island and take it to Brendom Docks before the boat sails away at Midnight.

Salty: Aye Aye Sir

Percy: But sir, who will look after the Docks?

TFC: Dont worrie. Edward and Kimmy will look after the Docks until Salty gets back

Percy: I dont know about that Sir, Kimmy is not in a good mood today?

TFC: I am sorry but there is no other engine avaliable to help Edward.

Percy was worried: I hope he knows what he is doing

TFC: Now Salty,go and fetch Duck and Lady, Take Edward here with you so he can fetch Kimmy

Salty: Aye Aye Sir

Edward: Come On Salty Follow me.

Meanwhile back on the Magic Railroad Duck and Lady where still worried for me
They watched me from a distance who was looking very cross

Duck: I wonder whats really making her upset

Lady: *looks down* i don't know..its making me worried and upset too

Duck: Me too. Wonder if it has something to do with her sisters or something. Maybe its—

But before Duck could finished Edward and Salty rolled up

Edward: Hello you two, we are here for an important job for you three

Salty: Arh I am here to fetch you Duck and Lady to help me collect some Fish Trucks to take to Brendom Docks

Edward: And I am here to fetch Kimmy to help me look after the Docks until you there come back

Duck and Lady were worried.

Duck: Thanks Salty will help you right away but I dont think its a good idea Edward to have Kimmy help you right now

Lady: indeed edward

Edward rolled his eyes: Dont worrie. I am sure that I can make her feel better, watch me.

Edward puffed past Duck and Lady and rolled up to Kimmy who was looking very cross
Edward: Come along Kimmy we got a very important job to do

Kimmy:*looks up and glares at him*

Edward:*gulped a little* Listen the Fat Controller wants us to look after Brendom Docks until Salty gets back with Duck & Lady tonight with the Flying Kipper

Kimmy: *looks down still glaring and says in a low voice* alright

Edward: Okay then, lets go Follow me

Duck & Lady watched Edward and Kimmy puffed past them they looked worried.

Salty: *looked up puzzled and worried* Arh, I scense something bad in that engine.

Duck: What do you mean Salty?

Salty: Arh, what I sense in that engine will pretty soon create a massive storm that starts out at sea and will hit Sodor if somebody does not calm her down some.

Lady was puzzled

Lady: w-what do you mean

Salty: Arh my dear Lady, have you not hear of the Storm Of Wiked Tears?

Lady: uhh no

Salty: Arh, well a long, long time ago , an engine who's name is still a mystery to this very day accidently found some of your preciouse Gold Dust and accidently dumped it into to sea below.

Duck: what happened next

Salty: Arh, my matiey, then engine was in a bad mood and when he took his anger out on the lost of the Gold Dust, his angry allowed the magic in the water to create the so called Perfect Storm with Magical Proportion
Duck: What happened to the engine

Salty: Arh, He was never seen again after that.

Lady shivered and shaked with worry

Lady: who could she be

Salty: Arh well its Kimmy I am afraid. See has the magic that you and Duck possesed so She could be the next one to create the perfect storm called The Storm Of Whicked Tears

Lady: oh no..

Duck: We must warn Edward about this

Lady: after all she's the engine of water and it could be worse

Salty: Did you say an engine of water and wind

Salty: Shiver Me Timbers, we are doomed

Duck: What do you mean Salty?

Salty: There was a myth, about an engine that could create such terrible storms and she is the one.

Salty: This engine can create a bad storm as soon as they get angry

Salty: and once they get angry, they create a mega monster storm that no one can stop

Lady was frightined

Lady: oh dear *sobs*

Duck: Its okay Lady, dont cry, we can rush over to Brendom Docks and warn her

Lady: i know an engine who could calm her

Duck: Fiona?

Lady:yes her two real sisters, Fiona and May, could calm her down ..

Duck: Thats perfect idea lady

Suddenly there was HONK HONK, It was Bertie
and the Fat Controller was on board

The Fat Controller walked over to Salty.

TFC: Salty, I left you in charge of a speical speical with Duck and Lady, and where do I find you, on the magic railroad chating instead of delivering the fish to Bredom Docks

Salty: But Sir, there is a Strom on the way and----

TFC: No storys about old storms Salty now hop to it you three before the fish spoil in the sun

Salty: Aye Aye Sir

Then the Fat Controller climbed into Bertie and they rolled away

Salty: No listen up you screvey dogs, if we can work hard and fast with this job we can rush towards Brendom Ducks before the sun goes down. Lets roll

Duck: Right Salty lets go Come on Lady

Lady: right

Meanwhile back at Brendom Docks, Edward showed Kimmy around

Edward: Now this is Cranky the crane, he is a bit grumpy sometimes but he
is a nice crane

Kimmy: *grumbled*

Edward: How are you Cranky

Cranky: F##K OFF!

Edward: *laughed a little with emparasment* Moving right along

Kimmy: st*pid cranes

Soon Edward and I where working very hard, I was shunting some coachs for Gordon to take some children from the Docks to the Seaside.

Edward *smiled at the site of the children*: You see Kimmy, look at them, all excited for there holiday, Isnt it wonderfull.

But I did not smiled at the children

Kimmy: *sigh and looks away*

Edward*surpised*: whats wrong Kimmy? This is a first that a site of the childern does not make an engine happy?

kimmy: none of your business *puffs away*

But Edward then noticed that I was still coupled up to the coachs and he whistled out

Edward : Stop Kimmy, you are taking off with the coachs. !!

But I had already puffed off away from view

Edward: Oh dear, I must find her or the Fat Controller will be cross at us and the children wont have any holiday without Gordons Coachs. I must find her

Edward puffed off away with worry. Meanwhile I, puffed to a near by sea side old shed and grumpled over my problems

kimmy: *sigh* when will they be back?

Soon she heard a whistle, i thought is was Fiona but sad to say it was just Edward

Edward: There you are Kimmy, Listen we need to head back to the docks before Gordon gets there to find no coachs

Kimmy: i don't want to , here take the coaches

Edward: Thanks but Kimmy, we must---
Sudenly there was a Huge flash of lighting and it struck the shed that Kimmy was in.

Edward whistled: Kimmy get out of there, the shed is on Fire.

Kimmy: *shuts eyes*

Edward: Gosh do I have to do everything my self,

Edward puffed bravely up to me and coupled up and pulled me out just in time.

Edward puffed tierdly: Your safe Kimmy.

Kimmy: well i wish you didn't save me

Edward was surpised: why not?

Kimmy: *looks down*

Edward: Tell me please,kimmy

Suddenly the rain came pouring down hard on Edward and me and the seas became rougher and the sky's become dark.

Edward: Hurry Kimmy, we much reach the children before they get soking wet

Kimmy *rolled eyes* alright

When they had arrived at Brendom Docks Gordon was there grumpling

Gordon: You are Late!!

Edward: we are sorry we could only get here as fast as we could

Suddenly Salty, Duck, and Lady puffed into the Docks

Lady: *called out thru the high winds to Kimmy *

Kimmy: *refuses*

Lady: Kimmy you must listen to us, please stop being very cross, you are making this story worse.

kimmy: sorry its not to easy to do that

Duck: But Kimmy you must listen

Salty: Arh you are blowing the wind down on me matiey

I grew furious

Kimmy: *eyes glows*

Suddenly Salty noticed a Huge wall of water heading straight for Me and Edward

Salty: Weigh the anchor, look out Kimmy, its a tunami!!!

Kimmy: *shuts eyes and tunami faded*

The storm was starting

Duck: Dont worrie Kimmy, I will save you.

Kimmy: you don't need too me lady!!

Duck: What?

Duck: I thought I was saving you?

Kimmy: save lady *closes eyes* before something happens to her..

Duck: Oh okay then. I will save you Lady.

Edward: what about you Kimmy?

kimmy:*looks down* i'll be okey

Duck: Omg look.!!!!

The Engines looked up and could see the largest tunami they have ever seen approching them.
Lady was scared and firghtened

Lady: KIMMY do somthing!!

Kimmy: not to worry *sigh* but goodbye *was swoop away by the large wave*

Duck: NOOOOOO!!!

Salty: This cant be.

Lady was shocked and the storm faded

Duck: The storm is gone. and she saved us all

Lady: i don't know how to tell may and Fiona about it *teary eyes*

Duck: Dont cry Lady, I am sure that she is alright.

But then Duck could not help but to cry too.

Lady: alright? did you just see what happened to her?!

Edward: We all did

but we suddenly May and Fiona appered

Fiona: *in a cheery voice* haii-- why is everyone so sad?

May: and kimmy where is she?

Duck: Kimmy is---

But Lady intered his sentance

Lady: she's gone *sob*

May: are you sure??

Duck & Lady: yes we are sure!!

May: *tsk tsk* Lady you totally forgot something about kimmy

Lady: sniff what?

Fiona: you totally forgot that she can survive underwater as you mentioned that she's the engine of water and wind

Duck: Really???

May: *nods*

Kimmy:*appears* this is the way i'll greet april fools to you all nyahahaha!!!

Lady and Ducks eyes lit up

Duck: your---
Lady: alive...

Kimmy:you all totally forgot that i can't die underwater..

Soon Edward started laughing

Edward: Looks like you two have been magically pranked this time.

Duck and Lady looked at each other

May: edwards' right

Suddenly there was laughter of childern can running over to see the three sisters. They where having a wonderfull time.

Children: *climbs all over my buffers* Please do more jokes Kimmy that was fun and funny!!

Kimmy: *chuckles* sad to say pooped right now (i'm out of powers for a moment) but lets go to the Seaside and i'll see what can i do ^^

Children: yayy!!

Lady: well thats our kimmy

Duck: yeah (but i can;t believe why she did this to us O.o)

Fiona: you shouldn't treat her like a kid in the first place duck
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Rules for Story Posting Empty Re: Rules for Story Posting

Post  Matt3985 on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:42 am

Awsome Kimberly. Glad you post this wonderfull story that we made. Smile Very Happy Cool I love you

Rules for Story Posting Matt_s10
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