Additional notes on Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures

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Additional notes on Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures Empty Additional notes on Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures

Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:19 pm

OK, I know this isn't exactly a good idea. But to me, posting this info in the original topic would be a waste of posts. Basically, this is a list of notes and episodes for the show. Well, let's get started.

First, the episode guide:

Episode 1: A mystery from the past
Main Plot: Duck and Oliver find a strange-looking Entelodont skull while vacationing in Mongolia and try to find out more about it.
Subplot: Edward the Blue Engine is told to go to the doctor, and is told that he has every single disease known and unknown to mankind, but that they're all in perfect balance. This makes him think that he's indestructible and he starts behaving like a young and foolish engine instead of an old and wise engine as a result, refusing to accept consequences.
Second Subplot: Percy is sent to a school that teaches how to deal with boredom, but doesn't do so well.

Episode 2: Duck and the Boyscouts
Main plot: A bunch of boyscouts try to sell cookies to Duck and do good deeds for him, but they make Duck annoyed and go out of character, and Duck wants them gone.
Subplot: After hearing it from Edward, Douglas starts speaking like an Italian and also speaks Italian words, much to Donald's annoyance.
Second Subplot: Tidmouth Sheds collapses and a Class 01 Diesel Shunter named Robert comes to help rebuild it.

[size==18]Episode 3: The Great Western Break-up[/size]
Main plot: When Oliver tells Duck about his crush on Emily, Duck gets mad and the two stop being friends, making Sir Topham Hatt send Robert to help out on the line.
Subplot: None
Additional Notes: At the end of the episode, when they finally become friends again, Oliver starts feeling a loss of intelligence.

Episode 4: Duck's Crush
Main plot: When Molly is sent to work on Duck's branch line, Duck falls in love with her the first time he sees her and tries to win her heart.
Subplot: Thomas tries to deal with an increase in passenger traffic on his branch line.
Additional Notes: During the part where Duck uses Oliver to practice asking Molly out on the phone, Oliver's new stupidity is shown for the first time.

Episode 5: Quadruple Header
Main Plot: With Gordon away for repairs, Thomas, Percy, Duck, and Oliver must pull the express with Edward as the back engine. Thomas, however, starts to feel unwell when they arrive at Wellsworth.
Subplot: None
Additional Notes: This episode is partially based on Christopher Awdry's story from his first Railway Series book "Really Useful Engines" called "Triple Header."

Episode 6: James the Stalker
Main Plot: When James tells Thomas about the lack of payment that their engine crews have been getting lately and that he thinks Sir Topham Hatt is up to something, he and Thomas team up to find out what is going on.
Subplot: None, although a scene unrelated to the episode involving phones being installed at the stations and engines somehow learning to use them can be seen at the beginning with a conversation between Edward and Duck:

Duck: Hello, I'd like to speak to a Mr. Monster. First name Eura.

Edward: (Looking Annoyed) Uh, Eura monster?

Duck: (Very angry) WHAT!!!!???? How dare you call me a monster!!!! When I find out who this is, I'll staple a flag to your buffer beam, and mail you to a ram THAT LIVES IN IRAN!!!!!! (Duck angrily slams down the phone.)

(End of sneak peak)

Episode 7: Oliver and the hot tub.
Main plot: A new hot tub is open for engines, but Oliver doesn't like it, simply because engines can't use hot tubs. Unfortunately, only Duck sees his point, and no one, not even Edward and Toby, listens to them.
Subplot: Annie and Clarabel develop a hot-axle box meaning that they have to go to the Steamworks for repairs. In the meantime, Thomas must use a pair of push-pull coaches.
Second Subplot: Bear and Robert can't decide whether or not they should agree with Duck and Oliver or go against them, as while it's true that engines can't use hot tubs, they don't see what could go wrong.
Additional notes: Oliver is more intelligent than usual in this episode.

Episode 8: Thomas and the Swan
Main plot: Phillipa (Pip) and Emma from the railway series arrive on the railway to provide a faster express service between Tidmouth and London. Thomas, after receiving passengers from them, sees an injured swan and when no vet is available, his crew must try to take care of it themselves until one does become available.
Subplot: Oliver becomes addicted to Mr. Belvedere and every time he gets the chance, sings the theme song making all of his friends annoyed.
Second Subplot: Edward decides to jump off a cliff when one of his trucks falls off of it. But this causes him to be forced to spend time in the Steamworks for repairs.
Third Subplot: Toby tries to be a comedian, but can't seem to be good at telling jokes.
Additional Notes: This is the only episode to have three subplots; all others have either 0, 1, or 2 subplots. Also, Oliver appears to have become really stupid here. The main plot is based on the first story of the same name in Railway Series book 42, "Thomas and his Friends." This is also the first time a portion of the RWS timeline and storyline is followed.

Well, that's it for the episode list. Now, for some notes:

1. The main purpose of this show is to be a comedy. However, some railway realism, like brake vans (My favorite) and boiler tickets, as well as express trains and branch lines, is also added in. Headcodes are also focused on.

2. The engines are now more mobile than they were before: they can jump, move off the rails if they don't derail or land in water (Though they can swim if they know how), and they can also use their buffers as hands.

3. Most episodes are from my own imagination. But one episode, "Quadruple Header," is partially based on Christopher Awdry's story from his book "Really Useful Engines" called "Triple Header."

4. The Sodor engines speak a weird language compared to the people of Sodor; it's English, but they say weird things like "Duck off!!!," (Duck's catchphrase for when he gets annoyed) "Get out of my crap!!!," (The engine that says that usually gets humiliated by pooping out real poop afterwards.) "OH MY CRAP!!!!," (Usually said when an engine is really shocked.) and "ARRRRRRRRGH!!!! THERE'S AN EVIL (whatever the thing is) AFTER MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" (Always said when an engine feels threatened by someone holding a knife or any other random thing that freaks them out.)

5. Although the engines are as intelligent as humans, they're not very intelligent compared to us, especially Oliver (After an accident with a bridge), Douglas, and Percy. Plus, experiments that the smart ones do often fail, even if they got all of the right components.

6. The engines have more emotion than they ever had before; if they think someone they like alot is dead, they cry endlessly and won't stop. They also have crushes on certain engines. (E.G. Duck with Molly)

7. The engines can use phones. Don't ask me how; they would kill me if I told you.

8. They can also be suspecting of other people, like Sir Topham Hatt if something weird is going on with the railway. (E.G. The staff not being payed very little money or even no money at all.)

9. The Sodor engines can also eat human food... if they can get it.

10. Many of the characters are from the TV show and my own imagination. But some characters that only appeared in The Railway Series like Bear also appear.

11. Some characters have changed personalities. Edward especially, but I wouldn't have made that change had Hit Entertainment not made Edward an engine without confidence, when he actually is old, wise, and never willing to give up.

Well, that's it for now. Please tell me what you think.

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