Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures: It's Thomas, but with a twist.

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Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures: It's Thomas, but with a twist.

Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:27 am

Ok, why make a story with Thomas characters? Well, the reason for that is because, well, below Thomas but above James, Duck and Oliver are my favorite characters. Actually, Duck is my number one favorite character next to Thomas.

Oliver on the other hand, is my third favorite, after Percy.


In this series, the two Great Western Engines go on unusual and sometimes dangerous adventures. They also make new discoveries, some of which seem bizarre for the animal group they're in.

For example, the two Great Western engines find an entelodont skull that has 2 pairs of upper-canines during what was supposed to be a luxury vacation in Mongolia. But they both think that it's impossible for this to happen, so they take it back to Sodor to find out whether or not it's natural for that entelodont to have two pairs of upper canines, it was a defect, or, as Oliver describes it, the second pair was put on the skull by somebody else.

By the way, if you want to, you can guess why the entelodont skull had two pairs of upper canines and whether or not they were real, but I won't reveal who's right until the end of the plot, so please don't complain about any inaccuracies here right now, because you're actually to these guys:

And Duck won't stand any nonsense. But that's enough of the spoilers of plots. Let's get on with the characters:

Main characters

Duck: The first Great Western Railway engine to arrive on Sodor. He is wise and has a "No-nonsense" attitude. He makes friends easily, and Sir Topham Hatt says that he makes everything run like clockwork. "There are two ways of doing things," Duck says, "the Great Western Way or the wrong way." This has been know to annoy the other engines.

Oliver: Duck's best Friend. Having been saved from scrap by Douglas, he is now really brave and willing to do anything... even if it does make him look stupid. In this series, Oliver is really stupid: he can't tell the difference between the body heart and the emotional heart. He can be really overconfident. And he can accuse someone of committing a crime in the disguise of being good if they behaved badly in the past, like Bulgy the bus. Also, he annoys everybody else with constant singing and remarks and his crazy paranoia.

Major supporting characters

Edward: The oldest and wisest engine on Sodor. Unlike other supporting characters, he appears and speaks in every episode. Not even Thomas gets the same amount of attention. Edward is the one engine that other engines turn to when they need help with something or are against something but don't know what to do about it. Edward is really confident in his decisions and refuses to let anyone down. He never holds a grudge, not even against Gordon.

Percy: Thomas' Best Friend. Like Edward, Percy appears in every single episode. But unlike Edward, he doesn't speak every time he appears. Percy is really curious about the world around him and just like Thomas, is really cheeky and stupid. Percy always tries to find an opportunity to play a prank or be really useful. But more often than not, this gets him into trouble

James: He's vain, he's proud, and maybe a bit nasty, but James is everybody's favorite red engine and you just can't help but love him, despite his attitude. James is seen in almost every episode, but is always absent in a maximum of 12. Also, James rarely gets to be the star of his own episode, unlike the other major supporting characters. And he can be a bit embarrassed if he has to go out in a paint color that is not red. James also likes to show off, which can lead him into trouble sometimes.

Donald and Douglas: Donald and Douglas are Scottish twins and had arrived to help Sir Topham Hatt, but only one engine was expected. But after rescuing Henry from a snow drift, they are now very reliable and useful, but still enjoy a good joke. They can be seen in every episode with or without each other but don't always speak. However, both get 12 appearances when one of them is alone and the other isn't mentioned or seen.

Minor supporting characters

Thomas: A Thomas and Friends spin-off without everyone's favorite number 1 blue tank engine isn't a spin-off. Unfortunately for him, Thomas doesn't get alot of attention on this show because he's not the star of this spin-off. However, he still gets a fair amount of screen-time: he appears in every episode and often plays a major or minor supporting role. If it's minor, he speaks 0 lines or at least one line. And sometimes, he's the star of an episode. Thomas is cheeky, stupid, and willing to do anything, no matter what.

Emily: The bossy Stirling single still retains her bossy attitude sometimes but now she's kinder. Emily looks up to Duck and will do anything for him. Duck, however, hates Emily because, like some Thomas fans, he thinks that she stole his position as number 8. Can anything change his mind?

Toby: The wise old steam tram no longer has his Hit Entertainment-style personality. He's now confident in his decisions. But unlike Edward he's not overconfident and knows that performing stupid and dangerous stunts never gets you anywhere. However, despite the fact that he no longer had the personality Hit Entertainment gave him, he still fears one thing: fire that's not from his smokebox. That's because he's made of wood and fire burns wood. If he finds out he caught fire, he freaks out and runs around yelling "ARRRRRGH!!!!! HELP!!!! MY BODY'S ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

More info will have to come later. But the first episode will come to this forum when I want it to come.

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Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:41 am

Hello? Has anybody seen this?

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Re: Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures: It's Thomas, but with a twist.

Post  Matt3985 on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:53 pm

Wow. Nice story. Sorry for the super slow reply. I have been busy lately


Duck: Hey Oliver guess what! Very Happy Oliver: What? Mad Duck: You, me, and Lady got our own series!!! Very Happy Oliver: No Way? Neutral Lady: Yes we do. Smile go vist Matt3985\\\'s youtube account here at to watch it under the name Duck & Lady: The Magical Adventures. Cool
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Re: Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures: It's Thomas, but with a twist.

Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:24 am

Matt3985 wrote:Wow. Nice story. Sorry for the super slow reply. I have been busy lately
That's ok, I sometimes get busy too.

Anyway, here's episode 1. But first, the intro:

Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures
Based on the Railway series by the Rev. W. Awdry and Christopher Awdry and the TV Series by Britt Allcroft.
Music by: Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell.
Written by: me.

"A Mystery from the Past"

Directed by: Jonathan Mitton.
Produced by: Robert D. Cardona.
Narrated by: Ringo Starr

Well, those are the credits. By the way, the theme in the intro is a combo of Duck's Season 2 theme and Oliver's Season 3 theme and the intro uses clips of all the main and major supporting characters as well as Thomas.

Well, now that the intro and credits are done, let's get down to the episode:

It was a beautiful day in the country of Mongolia, and the Island of Sodor's Great Western Engines Duck and Oliver are having a nice luxurious vacation for reason I do not know.

"Hey Oliver," Duck called to his friend who was running along the beach, which was actually some sand surrounding a large puddle of water, "wasn't this vacation a really great idea?"

"Yes," agreed Oliver, "We can finally relax without Gordon, Henry, and James to tick us off!" Suddenly, Oliver tripped over a large rock and landed face-flat into the sand. Duck took off the sunglasses he was wearing and saw what had happened.

"Are you all right?" Duck asked Oliver as he ran over to his side, despite not having any legs. Oliver couldn't say anything because his face was in the sand unlike the rest of his body; he could only mumble. "Don't worry Oliver," said Duck, "I'll get you out!" Duck's driver attached a chain to Oliver's rear coupling. Then attached it to Duck's front coupling. Moving backwards, Duck pulled hard to get Oliver out. It took some hard work but in 10 minutes, Oliver was finally free.

Sand fell off from Oliver's eyes and onto his buffer-beam.

"Thanks Duck," said Oliver, "Any more and my eyes would've been in real pain!" "No problem," said Duck, "that's what friends are for." Then Oliver saw the rock and realized something. "Uh, Duck, something tells me that the rock I tripped over wasn't just a rock" said Oliver. Duck had his driver unattach the chain. Then he reversed over to the right side (our left) of the rock. Then Duck rolled his wheels backwards, causing some dust to fly into the air. Oliver jumped into the air and turned around to see the action.

Duck was taking great care not to damage the rock, but he unintentionally got some sand dust into Oliver's eyes. "Ouch!" yelled Oliver, "Sand dust got into my eyes!!!" Duck stopped digging, surprised. "Whoops!!!" cried Duck, "Sorry about that. I guess I need to learn how to watch what I'm doing!" Duck started laughing.

Oliver wasn't amused: he had remembered the time that he was going to be scrapped, but wanted to escape to Sodor. Unfortunately, he ran out of coal before he reached Sodor. So he had to wait for help. As he did so, his paint started to fade away and sand started to get onto him. But 3 weeks later, Douglas had arrived with a midnight goods, and upon hearing Oliver hissing steam and meeting him, as well as hearing his story, Douglas helped him and Toad escape.

But the fact that sand was getting onto him while he was waiting for help made him hate sand ever since, but he prefers not to show it. Duck decided to try again. He reversed his wheels again. But he was worried about Oliver getting sand into his eyes. So he stopped very quickly and checked on Oliver. But Oliver had stepped to the side, despite not having any legs. He had also reversed a little bit to avoid getting sand into his eyes.

Relieved that Oliver would be ok, Duck returned to trying to get the sand dug out to find out what the rock was. Oliver was still watching with interest. Suddenly, Duck stopped turning his wheels backwards and looked at the rock: although he had only turned his wheels for a few seconds, Duck somehow saw that the rock was actually part of a skull from a prehistoric creature. But what did it come from?

"Oliver," Duck called out to his best friend, "I think we found ourselves a fossil!!!" All of a sudden, Oliver was excited.

"Of what? Of what? Of what? OF WHAT!?" asked Oliver, who was now really hyper. Duck knew that Oliver would be really hyper if he and Duck found something like a fossil. "I don't know," said Duck, "but it should be awesome." "well, what are we waiting for!?" Oliver asked, pulling out some fossil-hunting tools, "Let's start digging!!!" "Whoa Oliver!" said Duck, "We have to ask the owner of the land to dig here first!"

What Duck said is actually true: if your a fossil hunter and you find something in a field, you'll have to ask the owner of the land if you can dig on the land first before you actually began, otherwise, you could go to jail or something. But Oliver couldn't understand why: after all, the land didn't seem to be owned by anyone. And even if it was, Oliver thought that it would be impossible for the owner to see what you're doing.

"Look Duck," said Oliver, "Why do we have to ask for permission when the owner can't see what we're doing? And besides, isn't this area outside the borders of a national park? If so, how could anybody own it?"

Duck knew what to do to avoid breaking the law, but Oliver seemed to have a point. "Well, I guess you have a point buddy." Duck replied.

Happy that they didn't have to ask for permission, Oliver quickly got out a pick-axe and started digging around the area of the skull. Duck also got a pick-axe out and he too started to dig. After 3 hours, Duck was still digging. He decided to rest, only to find that sometime ago, Oliver had fallen asleep. "Hey Oliver, this isn't nap time." said Duck, "Oliver?" The 0-4-2 Western engine was still sleeping. Duck lost patience. "WAKE UP YA LAZY FUNNEL HEAD!!!" ( Laughing )he yelled at the top of his lungs. Oliver woke up startled. "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. Laughing "Help help!!! There's a ghost around!!!" Laughing Oliver started running around in circles and screaming. Duck found it amusing at first. But it only took him ten seconds to tire of it. At that point he picked up his pick-axe and held it flat in front of Oliver's path. As expected, Oliver tripped over it and as Duck didn't expect, landed upside down in the sand.

"Oops!" said Duck, "Sorry about that." Oliver wasn't happy. Duck quickly put the axe down then went over to Oliver's right side. He jumped into the air and turned face-forward towards Oliver's right tank. After that, Duck backed away. He backed away for 25 seconds. Then, he stopped, and charged forward. Duck was only intending to hit Oliver right-side up, but once Duck hit Oliver's right tank, something else happened: once Duck hit Oliver's tank, the Little Great Western engine went flying into the air and landed on a larger rock funnel-on, then he landed on his left side into the sand. "Ouch!!!" cried Oliver, "My funnel landed onto a rock!!!" Laughing

"Oh my crap!!! (Humans with a sense of humor: Laughing ) Oliver's injured!!!" cried Duck, and he puffed over to his best friend's side.

Then he saw that a fly had landed onto Oliver's left tank. "Once my driver comes back with that spatula I requested, I'll take care of that!!" he said. Then he saw something that grossed him out: under Oliver's coal bunker, a man was lying there, dead. "Oliver," said Duck who was now looking worried, "I don't know which one of us is responsible, but when you landed onto your side, a man was accidentally crushed to his death!"

Oliver felt guilty. "OH NO!!" cried Oliver, "I killed a human-n-n!!! I'm a murderer-r-r!!!"

Oliver was crying over the death he caused.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes. "Ho ho ho ho ho ho!" he laughed, "I wasn't dead, I was only sleeping!!!" Then he slid under Oliver's cab and got out through the window. The two engines were surprised. "Oh, I've been escaping from these situations all my life. I'm the great grandson of Harry Houdini." he said. Duck and Oliver didn't know whether or not they should believe this; They knew that Harry Houdini always escaped from a trap no matter what. And they also knew that he and his wife Bess never had any children. But if this guy could escape from being crushed by a train, then maybe Harry Houdini did have a great grandson after all. But if he did, then why on Earth would it have been kept secret?

The man climbed out of Oliver's cab then walked all over Oliver and jumped into the sand. Then, he ran home. Duck and Oliver exchanged puzzled looks. They had no idea whether this man was telling the truth or not.

After this was done, Duck tied a chain all over Oliver's body: he noticed that the man had a ditch he was sleeping in. Perhaps that's how he survived. Duck pulled hard. After two hours, Oliver was back on his wheels. Once that was done and the chain was untied, the two engines went back to the skull. Turning their wheels backwards, they eventually uncovered more of the skull. They soon found out what it was from: an entelodont, a prehistoric relative of pigs that lived throughout most of the Holocene, the era that came after the dinosaurs and still goes on today.

They went extinct after sometime during the Miocene. Duck and Oliver continued digging. At this point, they started using pick-axes and shovels as well as hammers. The hammers were for hitting one of them on the head if one of them fell asleep. Duck came up with this idea in the middle of digging when he saw that Oliver had fallen asleep. So he picked up a hammer from his driver's toolbox and whacked it onto Oliver's forehead. Duck also found a guy's hand that was plastic and whacked it onto Oliver's nose. "Ouch!!!" said Oliver," You hit me with a hammer and a guy's hand!!!" Laughing

"That's because you fell asleep." said Duck, "You can do the same to me if I fall asleep to get me back." Oliver, happy to be offered to get revenge, got up and continued digging. After some time, the two engines started to lose their excitement. "You know Duck" said Oliver, "I think this is just an entelodont already known to the world." Duck had to agree. But after fifteen minutes of digging, they got a shock: this entelodont had two pairs of upper canines!!!!

This was a surprise: no creature on Earth had ever been known to have two pairs of upper canines before. But why would it need two pairs? "Maybe they gave it extra weight when crushing bone. Or maybe the second pair is actually two normal incisors that grew larger than normal." suggested Duck. "Well I think somebody else put them on the skull on purpose, then buried it here!!!" Oliver said. But Oliver had forgotten something: many discoveries have been made in the history of paleontology. In fact, Duck was now wondering whether or not Oliver had been to paleontology school.

Duck asked Oliver if he did, only for Duck's driver - who had just returned with a spatula - to say "I know you didn't ask me Duck, but there's no such thing as paleontology school!" Duck felt weird for asking such a question. But then with help from the drivers and firemen, the two engines went back to digging out the skull.

Once the skull was dug out, Duck's driver said, "I'm afraid this is our last day here. We'll have to take the skull home with us. But don't worry: we'll come back here next summer." Duck and Oliver were upset that they couldn't stay longer, but were glad to take the skull home.

First, Oliver's driver, who was an expert on digging out fossils, dug away some rock around the skull, and found a crocodile head in the process. Then, he dug away some more rock and found another skull:

There was no time to identify what it came from so it was also dug out. Then, all three skulls were wrapped in plaster. Next, they were wrapped in toilet paper. Finally, Duck's fireman, who was also an expert at fossil finding, put them into wooden boxes. The toilet paper and plaster made it easier for him to carry the fossils.

Once that was all done, Duck's driver drew the entelodont skull where it was found with chalk. He only drew the outline, as he didn't have time to see the whole skull before it was packed. The outline was so they could remember where they found it next time they came. But to make sure nobody would find out about the dig, it was covered with a brown blanket that was weighed down with rocks. A red check was put on the blanket to help them remember where the dig was, because the blanket's color was the same as the sand.

The next day, the engines and their crews, with the fossils, went to the airport to return home. Oliver wanted to take a boat, but Duck wanted to get home to Sodor very quickly. Plus, Mongolia isn't by an ocean. And even if it was, it wouldn't be the Atlantic; it would be the Pacific.

So Duck told Oliver about that and he had to accept. But Duck wished he hadn't said that once they got to security: due to being fat, "HEY, NARRATOR!!!" Duck yelled to me, "I'M NOT FAT, I'VE JUST GOT BIG BONES!!!!" Laughing

"Yeah, whatever. Trains don't have bones fatty." I replied. Duck wasn't happy. "How come I'm almost always the one with bad luck!!!???" he angrily asked me. "Because I don't like you." I replied. "WELL I HATE YOU MR. STICK-IN-THE-MUD!!!!" said Duck. Laughing

"Hey, Duck!!!" Oliver interrupted, "Are you fighting with the narrator!!!???" Laughing "Well," said Duck, "he started it." "I did not!!!" I snapped. "Ya did too!" said Duck's driver. "I did not!" "Ya did too." "Did not!!!" "Ya did too!!!" "DID NOT!!!" "Ya did too!" "I did not!" "Ya did too" Laughing Oliver finally lost it. "STOP IT!!! ALL OF YOU!!!" he yelled.

... (Silence going on.)

"Sorry about that." Oliver said. "I think we should start this scene over with a different line, ok?" "Ok, I guess that would be needed." I agreed.

<<<< (Rewinding)
- (Stop)

But Duck wished he hadn't said that when they got through security because due to the width of his body, he couldn't fit through security. "Oh no!!!" cried Duck, "Now I'll never get back to Sodor!!!" Duck looked so overweight that at the point he said that, the security thing broke. The good news was that Duck could now get through. The bad news is, the security cops hand-cuffed his buffers. "Duck the Great Western Engine," said a security cop who was from another country, "You are under arrest for breaking the body scanner!!!" And he would've had Oliver not found that Donkey Kong was also there. Oliver quickly rushed over to the ape and explained the situation, then he asked for his barrels. Donkey Kong was glad to give them away: he didn't really need them anyway.

Once that was done, Oliver went over to the police officers. He hid behind a bench, even though it kinda gave him away. Then, he threw a barrel onto the ground.

The barrel rolled all the way to a police officer. Upon getting hit by the barrel, he flipped onto his back and landed on his butt. Laughing Duck began laughing. "Well well well," he said amused, "it looks like you've just learned how to butt-bounce!!!" "You shut up, or you're going to die!!!" said the officer after he got up and started holding a taser, type of gun that shoots electrical charges (But Duck didn't know that) in his hand. Look, I'm sorry about that; he forgot that this was a kids show. "AAH!!! HELP!!!! A GUN'S GOING TO SHOOT ME ON THE HEAD!!!! Laughing I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!" Oliver, seeing this, chuffed over to the policeman and started to beat him up. The cop shot the taser. It hit Oliver's forehead and he started screaming in pain. "AAH, HELP!!!! THERE'S AN ELECTRIC SHOCK GOING ON IN MY HEAD!!! OW, IT HURRRRRRRRRRRRRTS!!!!!!" cried Oliver. "Wait a minute!" said an amazed Duck, "That's your gun!!??" "Of course," said another officer, "This is a taser, an electric gun. It's one of the few types of guns that can never kill anything. It gives out an electric shock bringing in lots of pain. Then the target gets stunned after a while." Duck was impressed. "DO ME, DO ME!!!!" he said excitedly. Before an officer could respond, Oliver saw a rampaging rhino going berserk. How a rhino got into the building, well, I'm afraid even I don't know to be honest.

However the rhino got in, Duck quickly ran over to it and rammed into it's side on purpose causing it to tip over. The rhino tried to get up but it was too heavy to do so. Or perhaps it was lazy since rhinos have been known to roll in mud. Or perhaps it was too fat, "HEY, I CAN HEAR YA YOU KNOW!!!!" the rhino yelled at me. "Are you yelling at the narrator?" asked Duck, "Because believe it or not, it's only going to make things worse." The rhino didn't care.

All he did was try to get up. Duck quickly backed away and rushed into his belly causing the rhino massive pain. Seeing his chance, Oliver got out a tranquilizer gun and shot a tranquilizing dart at the rhino. After a few seconds, the rhino fell asleep. Seeing this, the officers took off Duck's cuffs and apologized for what happened. "We'll forget about you breaking the security system," said an officer, "And call you a hero for stopping that rhino who's been rampaging around the city ever since he escaped from the zoo, three years ago." "Thank you sir." said Duck. Oliver wasn't happy. "HEY!!! WHAT ABOUT ME!!!??" he yelled, "I tranquilized him!!!" "No time to explain," said his driver, "We're going to miss our flight!!!" So after Duck was given a medal and Oliver was also given one because he thought he deserved it, the engines and their crews got their luggage and set off for their flight. But once they reached their terminal, the plane had yet to arrive. So Duck's driver got some Burger king for everybody and they all ate until the bags were empty.

By then, the plane finally arrived. Duck, Oliver, and their crews got into line. Once the passengers on the plane got off and Duck and Oliver's drivers and firemen gave the passports, they went into the plane. Duck had trouble fitting into the door at first, but then he simply squeezed his way through. Oliver, on the other hand, had no trouble getting in. So did the drivers and firemen. The reason they got through so quickly was because, well, Duck, Oliver, and their crews were first in line. Duck chose a seat at the front because he tried to find a seat behind the seat he chose, but he couldn't fit in between the seat and the seat in front of him. So he chose the seat that was in front of his original seat. Oliver decided to sit next to him. The crews sat in the seats behind them, while Oliver's driver sat across from Duck. So eventually, Duck's driver decided to sit behind Oliver's, Duck's fireman decided to sit behind the seat he was currently in and Oliver's fireman sat behind Duck. Eventually, the flight got full. Well, actually, it was so full that many people were left without seats. Many left the flight to wait the next day for it to come back and went to the airport's hotel to rest in the meantime, but one man tried to fight Oliver's Driver for his seat. He lost. After 15 minutes, the plane left and the flight safety demonstration began. Once it was done, the plane had gone onto the runway, sped up, and went off the ground. Now, I'd show what was going on during the flight but in honesty, I don't think it would be very entertaining. So, let's check on the Sodor engines back on Sodor.

Back on Sodor, well, Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins are hanging out with Edward the blue engine. Their intelligence levels were different, despite being twins: Donald was the smarter of the two and took his jobs seriously. Douglas, on the other hand, is kinda stupid but not as stupid as Oliver will one day become.

"So Edward," Donald said, "How's life on your branchline going these days?" "Oh, I haven't been on my branchline for years." Edward realized.
Douglas was about to answer, but before he could, Sir Topham Hatt arrived.

"Donald and Douglas," he said, "I want you two to go help Thomas and Percy deliver some supplies from the docks to several other places all around Sodor."

"Wait a minute," said Douglas with an angry look on his face, "can't Thomas and Percy do it by themselves?"
"Yes," said Sir Topham Hatt, "but they tend to get bored rather easily and could get up to mischief at some point."

Douglas could see Sir Topham Hatt's point and was now smiling.

"Thanks for telling us sir." he said. And with that, the twins left for their job. "As for you Edward," said Sir Topham Hatt, "my doctor wants to do something no doctor ever did before: do a checkup on an engine." Edward was shocked.

"But sir," Edward pointed out, "engines can't get a doctor's exam." "Really Useful Engines don't complain or point things out to me!!!" said Sir Topham Hatt. So Edward went off without saying more. When he arrived at the doctor's office, he signed in like all patients that visit the doctor do. Then, he took a seat but was so big he couldn't fit in a chair. So he went to an open area in the waiting room and sat there. But it could take a long time for Edward to get to his appointment so let's get a brief glimpse at Duck and Oliver while they're still on their flight.

Oliver was having a lot of bathroom issues due to drinking so much water from the Burger King he got. So he went to a lavatory but it was locked. Oliver banged on the door again and again because he really had to take a pee. In only 8 seconds Oliver decided to stop banging. Bug once the guy occupying the lavatory came out 15 more minutes later, the pilot smelled something bad and announced it on the intercom. Then the oxygen masks poured down and everybody that was in their seat put them on. Oliver didn't know why it was happening but then he discovered why when he looked behind himself for no reason at all: he was literally peeing on the floor!!!!

Oliver was so shocked he tried to cover up the fact that he was peeing but then the worse thing happened: he pooped. And no, he didn't poop out bricks like trains usually do, he pooped out real poop!!!!! Oliver could've gone to the back lavatory before this happened but he didn't think he'd make it. Now the smell got so bad a 5-year old boy passed out. His mother freaked out and reported it. Then the guy she told took it back to the pilot. "Attention passengers," said the pilot, "due to a 5 year old boy passing out, prepare for an emergency landing!!!!" But Oliver couldn't get back to his seat; he was too embarrassed. So he just grabbed a pole and hung on for dear life.

After two hours, the plane landed. Duck was the first to get up and head for an emergency exit. He was so desperate to get out that he didn't see Oliver hanging on to a pole. He reached the exit that was closest to his seat. When he went to the slide, he could not believe his eyes: there standing before him was Tidmouth sheds!!!! He was home!!! "Yay!!!! I'm home!!!!" cried Duck, forgetting about Oliver.

"Hey, what about me?" asked Oliver. But Duck was too happy to notice. So in the style of Fred Flintstone, he slid down the emergency slide after he opened the door and activated it. "YEE-YABBA-DABBA-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" he cried, as he slid down. He slid off and landed perfectly onto the turntable. "Hello, Gordon, Henry, and James!!!" he cried happily to the three big engines that were in the sheds. At first, the three engines were suspicious.

"KEEP OUT!!!" they hissed. "Guys, don't you recognize me? I'm Duck the Great Western Engine." Duck said.

(Duck's Season 2 theme plays)

At this point, the big engines allowed Duck to enter happy to see him again. When they asked about the trip, Duck told them every single detail except for the fossil finds.

(Theme ends)

At the office, Edward's turn finally came. They tried to take his weight but they couldn't balance the scale. Then they tried measuring his height but he was literally "too tall." So they skipped them and took him to the room. After 5 minutes, the doctor arrived. "Hello, I am Doctor Hugh Phillips." he introduced himself. "You must be Edward the Blue Engine." "Oh, yes I am." said Edward. "Thank you. Now, let me look at your eyes." said Dr. Phillips. Edward passed it really well. Then he looked into his nose. Nothing was wrong with the nose either. Then he had a blood test. He did really well. Then he was given a shot. Nothing bad happened. Several tests were done on Edward.

After several more tests, including a stool one and strep test, Edward told the doctor "Thanks for doing all of that. You may shake my buffer." "Oh, I'd rather not." said Doctor Phillips. "Why not?" asked Edward. "Well," replied the doctor, "it's because according to these tests, you've got every single disease known to mankind." "WHAT!?" cried a shocked Edward. "You mean, I have... pneumonia?" "Yes" said the doctor" "And Juvenile Diabetes?" asked Edward. "Yes." said Doctor Phillips. "As well as false pregnancy?" asked a terrified Edward. But then Edward realized something. "Wait a minute, boys can't get pregnant!!!!!" "You're right Edward," said the Doctor, "male animals, humans, and machines are incapable of getting pregnant." "So, do I also have the... AIDS!!!???" asked a terrified Edward. "I'm afraid so," said the Doctor, "but luckily, you're case of AIDS was actually easy to get rid of when we found out. Remember when I asked you to eat that healing plant?" "Yes," said Edward, "Why?" "Well, said the doctor, "we somehow found out that this AIDS had a weakness: healing plants."

Edward suddenly became excited and starting dancing around singing "I've been cured of AIDS!!! I've been cured of AIDS!!!!!" for several minutes. "Calm down," said the Doctor, "And sit down on the table." Edward did as he was told. "Although your case of the AIDS has been cured, thanks to the plant, none of the other diseases could be cured because of the fact that none of them have a known cure. And inside you, we've also discovered several diseases that the world had yet to discover. You have every disease known and unknown to man."

"Uh Doctor Phillips, are you sure you haven't just made thousands of mistakes?" Edward asked. "No, I'm afraid we haven't made any mistakes." the doctor replied.

"Oh dear, that's sounds like bad news." said Edward, disappointed. "So you say," Dr. Phillips replied, "but, just like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, you seem to have "Three Stooges Syndrome," when all of the diseases try to go in at the same time but can't because they go in way too fast."

"So, what you're saying is that I'm... indestructible!!??" asked Edward excitedly. "Oh no," said Dr. Phillips, "I mean even the slightest breeze could.." But Edward wasn't listening: he was having a fantasy:

Edward was at Brendam docks one day when Big Mickey once again swung a big ship boiler at him. But instead of knocking Edward off the tracks, it bounced off of Edward and hit Big Mickey. "OUCH!!!" cried big mickey, "Watch it, Edward."

At that point, Edward's fantasy ended. "In.. di... STRUCRTABLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" yelled Edward excitedly. "Thanks for everything Doctor Phillips!!! I'll be on my way now!!!" And with that, Edward rushed away and signed out before the doctor could finish his sentence.

Later that day, Donald and Douglas were helping Thomas and Percy at the Docks. As Sir Topham Hatt had warned, Thomas and Percy quickly got bored.

"Dinna fash yerselves," said Douglas, "we'll soon have this job done before we know it."

"I just wish we could get this job done faster." said Percy. "Oh, I can help you with that." a voice called out. Everyone gasped: it was Duck!!!! "When did you get back from your vacation?" asked Thomas. "And where's Oliver?"

"Oh, I came back a few minutes ago after an emergency landing." replied Duck. "And Oliver is..." Suddenly Duck realized something. "OH NO!!!!" he cried, "I MUST HAVE LEFT OLIVER BEHIND ON THE PLANE!!!!" And he rushed back to the airport to retrieve his best friend.

Meanwhile, Edward started showing off to Gordon, Henry, and James. "Guys," he said to them, "I bet you that I can jump off a plane at a height of 700 feet and survive without using a parachute." "YOU WOULDN'T DARE!!!" the big engines said together. "Oh yeah?" Edward boasted, "Just watch me."

More to come later.

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Epsiode 1 part 2

Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:30 pm

Here 's the next part of episode 1:

And he sped away. "I think he'll give up and realize how stupid he's being before it's too late." said James. But he was wrong: Soon Edward fell out of the sky and landed with a thud, but was 100% on his wheels and unharmed when he landed. "Ta-Daaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" said Edward triumphantly. The big engines were shocked and James's lower jaw literally dropped to the ground. "Oh, the indignity!" said Gordon.

Meanwhile, Duck had arrived at the airport. He quickly went inside to find Oliver. When Duck did find Oliver, he chuffed over to him. "Oliver, I'm sorry for what I did. I was just excited to be home." said duck. "Oh, that's all right!!!!" said Oliver cheerfully, "I probably would've done the same." Duck was delighted that his friend had accepted his apology. Soon, the engines got their luggage. Then Duck somehow remembered that he was going to help Thomas and Percy. "Oliver, can you please get my luggage?" he asked his best friend, "I promised Thomas and Percy that I'd help them at Brendam Docks." Oliver was delighted to help his best friend. So with that, Duck left.

When Duck came to the docks, Thomas and Percy were still waiting. "Don't worry guys, I'm here now!" Soon the three tank engines, with Donald and Douglas, got to work.

Meanwhile, Edward had decided to pull 32 trucks at once. But Edward had forgotten the true strength of his class: Edward's prototype, the Furness Railway K2 "Larger Seagull" wasn't built for strength, so it wasn't as powerful as a Black 5 or an LNER A1/A3. But Edward was so overconfident that he had forgotten. Or perhaps he didn't forget: he just didn't care.

Toby soon pulled in, and he was surprised. "Edward," said Toby," you're pulling way too many trucks!!!! Please take less." "Shut up Toby!!!" said Edward rudely. Toby gasped: Edward had never been so rude to him before. "How could you be so rude Edward?" asked Toby, "You're supposed to be the kindest engine on Sodor, not the rudest."

Edward was now felling embarrassed. "Sorry Toby," said Edward, "I just came back from a doctor's appointment." and he told Toby everything. Toby was surprised, but then an idea flew into his bell. "Hey Edward, if you're so indestructible, why not battle Hot Entertainment and destroy their studio?" Toby suggested. Edward found this a wonderful idea. "Thanks for the idea Toby!!! It's time for me to show Hit Entertainment the true strength of Edward the blue Engine!!!!" And with that, Edward left to go to New York City. "Go, Edward go!!!!" Toby shouted, "AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU'VE HAD A PHYSICAL BATTLE WITH HIT ENTERTAINMENT!!!!"

During that conversation, Duck had been helping Thomas, Percy, Donald, and Douglas all after noon.

(Harbor theme from "All at Sea" starts playing.)

(Theme ends)

The five engines worked hard all day, but so many trucks were brought to the docks to be done that they had to stay overnight.

More to come later.

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Episode 1 part 3

Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:18 pm

Here's the next part:

The next morning, Duck returned to the sheds at Arlesburgh. He found Oliver sleeping. "Hello Oliver." said Duck, "Having a nice nap?" Oliver has having trouble waking up. Duck sighed and went into the sheds to have a rest.

Meanwhile, on the Ffarquar branch, Thomas and Percy were being really busy. Well, actually, Percy was getting bored. "Thomas, I'm bored!!!" he complained, "I wants to play and have fun!!!" Thomas wasn't really happy. "Percy, you'll have to wait to play; we have to work right now." he said. Percy, however, didn't want to listen; he was feeling hyper. "Who needs to wait when you can already have fun!!!" he said and with that, he charged forward. But he had no idea that Toby was taking a train into the yard. Toby and Henrietta cleared the points just in time, but unfortunately, some trucks and the brake van didn't, and Percy crashed right into them.

"PERCY YOU STUPID!!!!" yelled Thomas and Toby at the same time. Thomas, Toby, and Mavis were trapped at Ffarquar and Daisy wasn't able to get access to Ffarquar. And to make things even worse, Percy's driver was spanking Percy for what he had done.

More to come later.

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Episode 1, Part 4

Post  Thomas and Duck fan on Sun Mar 25, 2012 12:05 am

Here's part 4:

Percy's crew had jumped clear before he came off the rails, but his driver was very mad. "BAD PERCY!" he shouted as he spanked the little green tank engine. Percy was in pain and crying very badly. The fireman told the station master who then told Sir Topham Hatt on the phone. "I'm afraid that Percy's been rather naughty. What should we do?" asked the stationmaster. Sir Topham Hatt replied "I'll have to send him to 'How to deal with boredom' school. He'll learn how to deal with his boredom there. But first, get Percy back onto the rails in anyway you can think of." The stationmaster had Thomas pull Percy back onto the rails. Then, he told Percy that Sir Topham Hatt was sending him to "How to deal with boredom" school. Percy tried to complain, but Thomas told him to shut up, so he did.

But the next day, on Percy's first day at the school, he didn't do so well; the instructor was telling the students that by putting thoughts of boredom at the back of the mind, boredom could be dealt with, but Percy, taking it too seriously, only said, "What? How is it possible to put thoughts at the back of your mind? You can't pick them up and put them into the back of your mind! There's no door to the back of your mind or your thoughts!" As a result, the instructor had him stay inside the room during the break. And when the instructor was teaching the students about how using stress toys could help deal with boredom, Percy fell asleep in the middle of the speech. So he had to stay inside the room during the next break.

As for Duck and Oliver, well, they had just gotten the skulls out and were starting to study them. Duck took a look at the entelodont skull. The skull had a hole near the nose, suggesting that this entelodont was in a fight before death. Oliver, on the other hand, was wondering why a creature would need four incisors. "Maybe the incisors gave the entelodont extra strength when biting down on something like another entelodont." said Duck. Oliver had to agree. But then he wondered if the entelodont was a male and the other incisors were used during the mating season when males fought over females. Duck had to agree that fighting over girls was another possibility.

As for Edward, his fight with Hit Entertainment failed badly and he was literally kicked out of the building. He landed hard on his face. "Ow, my beautiful nose!!!" he groaned. Edward made it back to Sodor with nothing but a broken nose. It wasn't too serious though and was very minor, so it wouldn't take long for the broken nose to heal. When Edward came back to Sodor by the same plane he took to New York, he went to see Sir Topham Hatt. "Dooooooooo yooooooooouuuuuuu haaaaaaaave a joooooob foooooooor meeeeeeeeeeeee?" he asked, feeling rather weak. "Yes, Edward" said Sir Topham Hatt, ignoring his broken nose, "I want you to take the express to Crovans Gate." Suddenly, Edward became excited: he hadn't pulled the express for a long time. "Yes sir!!!! Right away sir!!!" he said with excitement, and he happily puffed off to collect his coaches.

(Edward's Season 7 theme plays and ends)

Edward buffered up to the express, but when the fireman went to couple the train to Edward's tender, he got a shock. "The front coach has no coupling!!!!" he said in shock. "That's because James pulled us a few days before and broke my coupling." the coach replied. Upon hearing this, Edward's driver telephoned for a new one.

Meanwhile, Duck and Oliver were still examining the fossil. Duck found a hole near the nasal cavity. "I wonder how this hole got here." he said to Oliver. Oliver had no idea. "Maybe it's from a bug bite, a disease, or a wound." he suggested. Duck couldn't decide; entelodonts are often called "The hogs from Hell" and for a good reason: all they ever did was fight over food and, in the case of males, mates. But females looked after their own children with care, and never attacked them.

Males, on the other hand, were fiercely territorial, and fought each other alot, especially during the mating season.

But until more information is found, no one knows what this hole really is. But suddenly, Duck turned it over to look at the bottom of the skull and something hit his buffer-beam!!! "Ouch!!!" he cried, "What was that?" Oliver took a look, and, to his surprise, found a crocodile tooth. Oliver took it and looked at a missing tooth in the crocodile skull on the upper jaw. The tooth fit perfectly into the socket. Then he put the tooth in the hole on the entelodont skull. The tooth was a perfect fit. "I think we found our answer, Duck." he said.

As it turns out, this entelodont was fighting with a crocodile before it died. But one tooth couldn't have killed it; it wasn't at the brain and it wasn't directly on the nasal cavity. The mystery of how it died still needs to be solved.

Percy, meanwhile, was still not doing well; he found the class very boring and kept falling asleep. And another time, during another speech, this time, on thinking about being on topic, he replied, "Oh my god, who the hell, cares?" So again, he had to stay in the room.

By the time class was over, Percy did not do very well at all. So the instructor had a meeting with Sir Topham Hatt. "I'm afraid Percy has fallen asleep in class alot," he told Sir Topham Hatt, "and when I was giving a speech on how putting thoughts of boredom at the back of your mind would help deal with boredom, he said 'What? How is it possible to put thoughts at the back of your mind?' And during the speech on thinking about being on topic, he replied, 'Oh my god, who, the hell, cares?' He's failing!!!"

Sir Topham Hatt thought for a while, then replied, "I'm not sure about the sleeping, but obviously, he has no idea how it's possible to put thoughts at the back of his mind. And it seems that he doesn't care a thing about staying on topic. I'll speak to him this evening and see what I can do."

As for Edward, well, the coupling still hadn't arrived and the guard got so bored, he immediately left. Another three hours passed and still the coupling didn't come. The driver and fireman got tired of waiting, so they drove Edward away to complain to Sir Topham Hatt.

When they did, Sir Topham Hatt was cross, but not with Edward: he was cross with the fact that spare couplings were late and no one knew until Edward buffered up to them. "I think I should hire more responsible staff." Sir Topham Hatt replied.

In Arlesburgh Sheds, the two GWR engines were still trying to solve the mystery of how the entelodont died. The crocodile skull gave some hint, because the tooth that fell out fit into a socket that had no tooth. This revealed that the crocodile and entelodont were in a fight before death. The other skull didn't help much, because it didn't give out a lot of info.

More to come later...

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Re: Duck and Oliver's Crazy Great Western Adventures: It's Thomas, but with a twist.

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